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Murray Energy Corporation’s Safety Department has twenty-seven (27) top safety professionals, with hundreds of years of experience, dedicated to provide their safety knowledge, training, and leadership to all our operations throughout the entire country.

Murray Energy Corporation strives to protect its most valuable asset, our employees, by meeting and exceeding all of the required training by State, Federal and local agencies with regard to safety. Our company prides itself in utilizing state-of-the-art, equipment, training methods and highly reputable safety professionals in creating and maintaining the safest working conditions possible.

Mine fires or explosions remain the number one threat facing coal miners today. In an effort to prepare our employees for this potential hazard, Murray Energy Corporation has dedicated a full-time staff to continuously train our underground employees as to how to react and respond in a mine fire or explosion. This training involves hands-on fire-fighting techniques in simulated disaster situations using high-tech equipment, such as our Fire Brigade truck.

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"Our goal for all our employees is to see them work to retirement. They will have worked safely and they will have worked." - Robert E. Murray

"Safety is a value that cannot be compromised. Safety must be part of every decision that we make and every action that we take. To live this philosophy requires a committed management team and a workforce dedicated to maintaining a safe work environment for themselves and their co-workers." - Jerry Taylor, Corporate Safety Director

Fire Brigade crew

Fire Brigade crew

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