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Message from our CEO

America is dependent on our coal because it is abundant; it is affordable; and it is critical to our energy security to protect all Americans from the hostile and unstable governments from which much of our Country’s energy is currently imported.

Today, low cost electricity is the staple of life for all Americans, and fifty-two percent (52%) of this electricity is generated from coal. Further, coal-fired electricity is, by far, the lowest cost - - about one-fourth (1/4) to one-third (1/3) of the cost of natural gas-fired electricity. Moreover, the Energy Information Agency states that electricity consumption in America will rise forty-one percent (41%) between now and 2030. It is projected that, over the next twenty years (20) or so, coal must be counted on to generate fifty-seven percent (57%) of America’s electricity, which cannot be replaced by any other form of generation - - not natural gas, nuclear, or water, and certainly not renewables.

Presently, our industry is under fierce attack and faces tremendous challenges from multiple fronts. In fact, despite America’s tremendous need for coal, certain politicians and even some American companies are misleading the public and attempting to steer the American people away from the use of coal for their own individual benefits. But, these groups fail to describe the certain destruction that we will see as a result of their efforts to eliminate coal use in America. Indeed, coal is essential to the lives of millions of working Americans and for those on fixed incomes who depend on low cost electricity for the maintenance of their jobs and living standards. Without question, the elimination of coal will further destroy the competitiveness of American products in the global marketplace. Clearly, America is at a critical crossroads.

In spite of the many challenges facing today’s coal industry, Murray Energy Corporation has become one of the most reliable and efficient coal producers in America. Our first priority is the safety of our miners. And, only after we have ensured their safety will we focus on the remaining aspects of our business.

With constant focus on miner safety and mining excellence, Murray Energy Corporation and its subsidiary companies provides a safe, low cost, high quality product to its electric utility and industry customers domestically and abroad. Once delivered, our product is transformed into low cost electricity that is utilized to provide affordable and dependable power to hospitals, schools, American businesses, cities, and to the homes of millions of Americans.

America’s energy independence and America’s future are dependent on the utilization of our Nation’s most abundant fuel source… COAL….

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- Robert E. Murray

1957 - Graduated Valedictorian,
Bethesda (OH) High School

1962 - Graduated from Ohio State University
Bachelor of Science Degree - Mining Engineering

1981 - Harvard Advanced Management Program, Harvard Graduate School of Business

Professional Engineer

Licensed Pilot

1989 - President - Society for Mining, Metallurgy, and Exploration

1997 - Ohio Coal Association's: Coal Man of the Year

2000 - President - American Institute of Mining, Metallurgical & Petroleum Engineers

2002 - Spirit of America Award - National Mining Association

2003 - Distinguished Leadership Award - International Society of Mining Safety Professionals

2004 - Life Membership - Rocky Mountain Coal Mining Institute


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